The City

Cape Town is a great city. 

We’ve got Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.  We’ve got the Stormers, Tiger Tiger and a boerewors curtain. We’ve got Helen Zille, Natalie Du Toit and Jack Parow…..and we’ve got a whole lot of amazing beaches.

 “This Cape is a most stately thing and the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the Earth” said Sir Francis Drake after circumnavigating the globe.  Drake obviously had a lot of time on his hands and clearly had a way with words.  What Mr Drake didn’t have was a camera to prove he’d been further than the local pub or a blog to tell the rest of the world about his little circumnavigation.

This blog, the photos we will be uploading this summer and the additional challenges that the 21st century pose will separate us from men like Drake, Dias, and da Gama. 

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