We will be taking photos to prove that we have been to all of the beaches and there will be a theme for each beach (ie:  Baywatch at Clifton, YMCA at Graaff's Pool, your birthday suit at Sandy Bay, penguins at Boulders)

We need your ideas for themes for each of the beaches....please post comments on this blog with your ideas!

We will upload the best of the photos here over the next few months.
First Day of the Challenge:

Beach No. 1 - Die Kom

Beach No. 2 - Long Beach

Beach No. 3 - Noordhoek Beach

Second Day of the Challenge:

Beach No. 4 - Macassar Beach



Beach No. 5 - Monwabisi Beach



Beach No. 6 - Wolfgat Nature Reserve ("Beach")

Beach No. 7 - Mnandi Beach

Beach No. 8 - Strandfontein