Friday, November 19, 2010

The Challenge Begins!

After an awesome week of weather it looks like the rain is setting in for the start of the Beach Challenge!

Rain is forecast for tomorrow and a maximum temperature of 19 with showers is forecast for Sunday.  This means that the first weekend of the Beach Challenge will be a great test to see who's truly committed to the cause!

Because of the forecast, the plan is to knock off a few beaches as quickly as possible on Sunday morning and then head to Imhoff Farm for a hot chocolate and maybe some lunch.

We'll  make our way to Noordhoek at around 09:00, so either meet at our place (11 Plumtree Lodge, 250 Main Road, Plumstead) at 09:00 or at the car park in Noordhoek at around 09:30.  We plan on ticking off Noordhoek, Kommetjie (Die Kom) and Kommetjie (Long Beach).

With only three beaches to tackle, it is quite a chilled (no pun intended) start to the Challenge...easing ourselves into our work!

See you all on Sunday morning.

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