Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cape Flats Coast - Here We Come!

We'll be hitting the Cape Flats Coast on Sunday morning.  Because we'll be in Gangster territory, we need to experience the beach as it is experienced by the locals, so the day's theme will be Gangsters Go to the Beach. 

Bring your  gold chains, gold teeth, baggy pants, caps (perched and angled) and any accessories you may have (I'm thinking car theft kit, drug kit, guns and knives - I'm sure you'll be more creative).

We're meeting at Plumtree Lodge at 09:00 on Sunday morning (safety in numbers) and we'll be ticking off the following beaches:
  1. Strandfontein - Blue Waters
  2. Mnandi
  3. Wolfgat Nature Reserve
  4. Monwabisi
  5. Macassar
If you need to get hold of either of us, contact us on 079 863 2798.  See you on Sunday.

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